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Update: Sue Bierman Park, San Francisco

February 11, 2014

Sometimes, public space in San Francisco actually gets improved. That’s the case in Sue Bierman Park, down by the Embarcadero, where a playground opened in 2013. 

Photo of children's playground at Sue Bierman Park, San Francisco

In an earlier post, I expressed skepticism that this might occur, and am happy to be proved wrong.

plaque commemorating the construction of the playground at Sue Bierman park

Meanwhile, in a nearby tree…

Photo of tree near park

The local parrots amused themselves as usual, with no need of a slide or swings.

Photo of parrots in nearby tree





Sue Bierman Park, San Francisco: bland does not equal comfortable

December 10, 2011

The people/entities/forces responsible for creating public space in San Francisco have done another mediocre job – this time with Sue Bierman Park on the Embarcadero across from the Ferry Building.

After a couple of years of work and almost two million dollars in renovations, the park looks like the “before” image in some kind of open space competition – a blank slate just waiting for benches, trees, paths, recreational spaces, and other amenities.

There’s no shelter from wind (in windy San Francisco), no shade or shelter from sun or rain (ditto), and there are very few benches for sitting.


There are these strange items – either an art piece or someone’s idea of clever seating, or both. All they’re good for is collecting rainwater.

There has been an ongoing discussion of installing a children’s playground at the park — in a neighborhood with none — but apparently not everyone with a say in the issue is in favor. Why there is even a controversy about this is beyond me – what’s not to like about a playground?