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LACMA: Outside looking in

March 29, 2011

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a mixed experience for the visitor, or at least this visitor. It’s a jumble of art and architecture, with no real physical or emotional center. But they’re working on it.

A recent visit on a sunny day in mid-March helped me to appreciate different aspects of the Grand Entrance Pavillion, situated between the Ahmanson Building (on the left) and the Broad Museum of Contemporary Art.

Looking to the north – 180 degrees opposite the view above – the broad expanse of lawn and sky invite lounging and sunning.

In fact, sunning is encouraged by the presence of concrete chaise lounges.

Even on a late winter day with relatively low sun, the lounges and the lawn were bathed in warmth.

The pavillion now has two new places to eat and drink – Ray’s, a restaurant, and the Stark Bar, both run by Patina, purveyors of museum food seemingly everywhere you go.

The good part is the presence of two outdoor establishments. The bad part is the pricing, which is not exactly populist: for lunch at Ray’s, sandwiches are in the $11 to $15 range, and main courses go for around $20. So-called bar bites at the Stark run $8-ish to $15-ish; the bar also offers an encyclopedic selection of small-batch handcrafted liquors and cocktails from $10 up. All fine and good if you’re relatively well-to-do and/or able to spend a lot of disposable income on food and drink. Not so accessible, financially speaking, if you’re not.