Florence, Italy: Where the streets have no room

The historic Renaissance core of Florence, Italy looks much as it did in previous centuries.

At street level, however, there is a problem: a city scaled for pedestrians, carts, and horses is filled with traffic.


The sidewalks are incredibly narrow. Many are narrower than this:

The result is that pedestrians and cars have to share space in a way that is not safe or convenient for either.

This was around late December or early January, when tourists are at a fairly low ebb. I can’t imagine the chaos of summer.


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2 Responses to “Florence, Italy: Where the streets have no room”

  1. dotty Says:

    I may never get to Florence (lovely photos and comments) but I do sometimes get to my least favorite of Seattle’s museums, the Pacific Science Center. My granddaughter and I visited PSC last week, and while we were annoyed that in the “manned space flight” exhibit there was no evidence of the upcoming Orion spacecraft, and many exhibits were missing parts or not even working, I was pleased that there is seating in one form or another near each exhibit cluster. This is certainly a grandparent friendly museum, assuming the grandparents have absolutely no interest in or knowledge about science.

    • stevetokar Says:

      Generally speaking, so-called family-oriented museums such as science centers do pretty well in the seating department. It’s usually assumed that the visitor will want to sit down when interacting with exhibits. Benches for simply resting are often plentiful – perhaps the idea being that the adults will sit and watch the kids as they run around playing with exhibits.

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