WMA Comfort and Access Workshop, MOPA San Diego, Video Pt 1

Thanks to videographer/editor Kenshi Westover and staff videographer Joaquin Ortiz of MOPA, our October 2009 WMA workshop on visitor comfort and access was thoroughly documented on video. We were able to field-test Beth’s idea of workshop participants playing the roles of visitors with either physical disabilities or learning differences. Beth created the role-playing cards for the physical disabilities, and Paul Gabriel created the cards for learning differences. Participants were randomly assigned roles and had about 15 minutes to familiarize themselves with their cards before heading out the museum door to re-enter in the guise of their new personas. Here’s Part 1 of several episodes, edited and produced by Kenshi, documenting the day:


Based on the results of the day, role-playing seems to be an effective method for testing comfort and access.

More video episodes to come.


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