Metropolitan Museum: Return of the American Wing

When we visited New York City in September 2009, we were delighted to discover that the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum was open to the public once again. 

Am Wing plaza view

In spite of some changes that in (Beth’s opinion particularly) make it a somewhat colder, less visually coherent space, it’s still one of the great interior spaces in American museums — an indoor piazza. 

The American Wing Cafe is open once again, and the prices are still reasonable. We were momentarily disturbed to realize that the windows have been frosted over.

Am Wing cafe

“The view is gone!” we said. But there’s a good reason, which becomes apparent as soon as you climb the stairs to the newly-added mezzanine right above the cafe.

Am wing outside view

It’s a construction site out there, and the Met is simply preserving the esthetics of the American Wing experience.


Am wing pardon appearance use this

The mezzanine itself, although it adds a ceiling to the Cafe that’s a little low for psychological comfort, is put to good use as an exhibit space.

Am Win mezzanine


Meanwhile, the piazza itself, while not as tranquil and intimate as it was before the remodeling, still has a variety of places for people to sit.

Am Wing seating


There is still a fountain. Like all fountains, or any element featuring water for that matter, it is extremely attractive to visitors.

Am Wing fountain


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